Five Card Story: Holy Thursday

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This is a story a snake, a statue, a dog, a lion and a skeleton. They went for a walk to go to the beach. They needed to find all of clues before the play started. Everybody worked hard to look for things. Snake found the pinching claws for the costume. Statue found all four pirate boots for the play. Dog found the first costume. Lion found all four cowboy boots for the play. Skeleton found the other costume for the play. Everybody found something at the beach. There were five things that were already found at the beach. Now they needed to find the cross. Everybody helped carried the cross and puts it in the box like the other things. Everybody helped carried the box to the school. Now the box is already at the school. Everybody helped opened the treasure box and they see what is inside it. There was gold coins in the treasure box. The Hunters started to watch the play as soon as they found all of the things at the beach. Now the play is starting and they are going to rehearse the play. First they are going to watch the practice for the play. They will perform the play on Holy Thursday. Everybody enjoyed watching the play. There were six teenagers and three little girls in the play. The Hunters clapped their hands after the play. When they were performing the Hunters also watched the play. This is a story about "Jesus Died on the Cross". They also played christian songs during the play. The people in the play were in a circle dancing when they heard the "Aleulia" song. One of the teenagers played Jesus. Eight people were wearing sandals for the play. Everybody enjoyed the play. Everybody stayed in the gym the whole time they did the play. After the play was over everybody packed up. The teenagers put their normal shoes back on their feet. The teenagers helped carried the cross. Everybody helped with the rest of the things. The three little girls and the others had recess. The teenagers went back to the high school. After Recess time everybody had their lunch. After lunch time everybody had Music. In Music class the Hunters played instruments. The three little girls were dancing. After Music class everybody packed up. Everybody got ready to go to the beach. They all walked around the beach. The three little girls made sandcastles the the Hunters helped them. Everybody did a teamwork at the beach. After they went to the beach they went to the mall and they had dinner.

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