Five Card Story: The Statue Man

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In New York there was a homeless man named Steven. He would always sit beside a beautyful statue in Central park, there would always be festivals there and on Christmas they would put up lights and he would always remember the little bird and hes family int he little bird house that the girl scouts put up.he would sit there with his dad reading a story. One day, Mother and Father had to move to an other part of New York ,Brooklyn.So when Steven was 44 Years old , He lived with his parents till that same year his parents Went to a roas trip to Alanta,Gorgia and Crashed in a horrable acident with 5 cars nt it. The parenst of Steven died so he sufferd a horrable year . There year after The death of his parents he got married witha lady named Bella and had a kid that same year named Jasmin to they went to New York City where he grew up so live there with his new family so when that happend he coulednt help notice the statue when him and hid Dad would always read a story so then he quckly ran down the stairs of the apartment and touched the statue ansd started crying . After a while he wwent back up staries got his doughter Jasmin , got a book, ran downstaries sat beside the statue , and he read the book to Jasmin and said in his mind , im happy that i stille get a new family but still want my other family back .

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