Five Card Story: Especial Day

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It was my birthday, that day I was turning 25 years old. First of all my family and my friends made a surprise party for me. It had balloons, cake and music.

After that my boyfriend and I went to a ride. We decided to go to the teather, where we met for the first time. We stopped under the main entrance and we stayed there staring the wall covered by a spectacular art.

However the day was so beautiful so we went to the park to enjoy the sun. When we got there, we saw some kids playing and drawing under the shadow's tree.

There was a kid who had an intriguing look, today I still wondering what he was feeling that day.

In addition we laid down on the grass to appreciate what the nature offers then I took a small flower to put on my hair. The flower has a sweet smell and I wanted to stay there forever.

On the other hand it was impossible because we had another place to go. It was halloween and we were going to dress up for collect our candys.

We were wearing a zombie costume, it was so disgusting that the people on the street didn't even look at us. As a result we didn't collect to many candys as expected.

Finally we got home tired and happy. This was the most exciting and unforgetable day of my life.

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