Five Card Story: Just the Beginnings

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It was hard saying goodbye to my mother. She meant a lot to me. When I was younger, she was my idol. When I was older, she was my comfort. She was someone I could come to when my life was moving at a faster pace than my mind could process. She was always supportive.

Now, I stood before her grave and stared at it, but I didn't see it. Instead, I saw everything I was losing with her absence. How was I going to survive this? My heart and mind was numb. Would it always be like this?

A little hand tugged on my arm. I looked down to see my son, in his favorite Batman shirt, pointing at a bush between two graves.

"Look, Mommy!" he said, letting go of my hand to toddle up to the little pink flowers slowly blooming on the ends of the branches. My son was not quite old enough to fully feel the impact of his grandmother's death yet. There were times in which he would think about her and then burst into tears, but he was still young and his mind would quickly change tracks. Suddenly he would once more be the happy bouncy little boy I knew him to be.

His gaze swept over the blooming bush with a sparkling joy. Then his eyes landed on something bright and fluttery. A butterfly crawled over the flowers having its lunch by drinking nectar. This fascinated my son as he watched it with delight. My husband came and wrapped a comforting arm around my shoulders. I couldn't help but smile as we watched our son follow the butterfly around the bush.

In that moment I thought about my mother, but not with despair this time. She had lived a good full life. Both of her children, my brother and I, settled down into our lives with a loving family. She had considered that a very successful life. I knew that when it was my time, I would want the same for my child. I wouldn't want him to despair with my passing, but instead be grateful for the time we did have together. Because even as a life ends, another is just beginning.

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