Five Card Story: The beauty of the countryside

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It was a cold morning in September when we decided take a two days trip to the cities around Sao Paulo.

We left at 07 am in direction to Itu City. We had already packed our snacks and our clothes and both of us are extremely excited in discover the joy of the farm life.

Our first stop was in a Chocolate Farm, its name is because they have a crop of cocoa and coffee. The farm was filled with farm animals such as chickens, cows and pigs.

We have never seen a pig before and the animal was surprisingly cute. After know the farm animals we went to a lunch on the coffee shop. We ate handmade cake and coffee. The fragrant of the coffee was all over the place, the cake was soft and tasty.

But the most exciting activity was the ride horsing. We had booked before on internet because there are few places and the farm owner don't want to let the animals tired doing activities all day long.

After the farm we drove to Santa de Parnaiba, historical city with lovely constructions dating from XVII e XVIII century.

Almost achieving the city we saw a sign where said that the road was closed, just local traffic was allowed.

So we decided to go to the next city and park our car there and then come to Santana by train.

Our idea worked very well, we took the train e we were able to see the most incredible and wonderful view. Trees, mountains, farms and a bright sky.

It was getting dark so the city shows its shadows with the artistic atmosphere. There was a group of peoples singing and playing in the center of the square and there was a market, where had been sold handmade necklaces, earrings, cakes, decorated towels, t-shirts, and all sort of things.

We sat there and spent a good time that lovely city walking through historical constructions and enjoying the local food.

At night we went to our hotel to get some rest. In the next morning we decide to enjoy this city a little more.

We left the city after lunch, we took the train back to the other city. By dinner we were home.

This was one of the memorable trips that I've ever made.

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