Five Card Story: Zombies in San Francisco

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Upon arriving in San Fran. for a small vacation for myself I was excited to do all the "touristy" adventures that San Fran. had to offer. Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and ride the trolley. It would have to wait till tomorrow because I am so tired from my flight and plan to check into my hotel and sleep.

The next day I woke up and noticed a strange ambience that seemed to over take the hotel. I could not find a staff member of the hotel and could not see many people walking the street as I looked out my window. Thinking it was just a coincidence I decided to have a shower and get ready nothing was going to hold me back from seeing what San Francisco had to offer. When I got out front of the hotel I noticed a man covered in blood. I called out to him, "Sir, are you ok?" When he turned to me I could tell he wasn't himself and he looked at me like I was next. He began to run after me so I took off running through alleys and hopping fences until I lost him.

When I made my way back to a street there was chaos everywhere. Car accidents, and more people covered in blood. I'd seen this in a movie before, but it couldn't be, could it? Now paranoid with the idea of a zombie outbreak I began run back to my hotel where I seemed to be the safest. When I arrived back at my hotel it was already infested and I couldn't even get close to the front door.

I ran into the park and was able to find a spot under a bridge where I felt safe for the time being. It was dark with only one way in and I had to think what my next move was in this crazy epidemic. My heart was racing and I couldn't believe that this was happening.

After 20 minutes under the bridge I could hear some footsteps so I looked out hoping it was another non-infected person that I could ban together with and have a higher chance of making it out alive. The reality was it was an infected and I had to run from him again. The same characteristics as the first zombie I had come into contact with, covered in blood and staring at me like I was his next meal. This man was in better shape and it was a longer chase he was persistent and wanted my blood. After a marathon I reached the Golden Gate Bridge where there was military with it blocked off and I knew I was safe.

That was my crazy trip to San Francisco that seemed to be straight out of a movie

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