Five Card Story: Become A Turtle

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a Five Card Flickr story by Rebekka created Apr 03 2014, 10:51:17 am. Create a new one!

flickr photo credits: (1) wwnorm (2) kpyrtle (3) curiouseth (4) kasemoore (5) kdex914

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Once up on a time there was a weird looking man named pipeblopsandcomments but just call him pip.
To steer at his consent whit house maced you yes go crazy.
However, it came a creepy owl to him and said "jabadaba doo be a teddy bear nu!"
A messy sound was all pip herd but in fact he became a teddy bear in a jacked.
Flying from the air above him the creepy owl came again and said "jabadaba doo be a turtle nu!"
Pip and the owl became a turtle and lived all there life as it and swam in the ocean and never got tired

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flickr photo credits: (1) wwnorm (2) kpyrtle (3) curiouseth (4) kasemoore (5) kdex914

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