Five Card Story: Dr. MLK Jr.'s Trip to Hawaii

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Today, Dr. MLK Jr. went to the court house, because he did something that was against the law in his trip to Hawaii.
It was a hot day, and Dr. MLK Jr. grabbed his suitcase and rushed out of the door. He was driving a long time, and he is now at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. The was a huge traffic jam and he was stuck there for more than 40 minutes.
After his long drive, he finally reached the Los Angles International Airport. His fight is only 30 minutes later, so he was in a huge hurry. So he rushed through the immigration and the security, but his plane left when he reached the boarding gate.
When he found out that the plane was missing, like the Malaysia Airlines MH370 that was scheduled to reach Beijing. Now that he was save, he is going on the next flight headed for Hawaii.
In Hawaii, Dr. MLK Jr. rented a car, and saw the amazing sea and tons of palm trees. so he decided the park his car, but the parking lot was full. Only the reserved parking spots are empty, so he decided to park there, even though it was against the law. The police came and towed the car away, with a red ticket for parking at the reserved parking spots.
Now that's why he is at the court house, and he is charged for 500 U.S. dollars.

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