Five Card Story: Diaper Genie Turkey Egg Adventure

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My beloved baby girl, Tallulah, can sure nuf make a stiny poopy diaper. Jake, my strapping husband, picked up a used Diaper Genie at the 2nd hand store, as he was plain sick & tired of the stench wafting from the nursery. Ewww, I thought to myself, 2nd had poop catcher!?#@ Disgusting, but I was willing to try it out. Tallulah's brown grocery snakes needed containment, haz mat style. So now, we plop the poop in sausage maker. Any extra poopy juices we pour down the outside drain after all nosey neighbors head off to never never sleepy land. Drip, drip, don't get any on you. One day we noticed fuzzy green eggs, eyeballs & beaks & all, emerging and multiplying out of the drain. They were poopy eggs, with a mission to take over our lovely neighborhood. Turkeys started taking over the yards and sidewalks, all coming to devour these scary poopy eggs. The Hackleberries, our tacky neighbors, killed and cooked one of the turkeys that had been munching on the whacky eggs. They served it for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone who ate any bit of the juicy turkey meat immediately bursted out into a fit of laughter. Nonstop laughter. Wall shaking laughter. Well, Jake, Tallulah and I sit back and smile knowing Tallulah's Diaper Genie broth contributed to their demise. The end.

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