Five Card Story: I am a bird.

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I am a imigratory bird. I can travel anywhere without a passport. So, I think it is much easier for me to travel around the world.
One day, my parents said "It's high time you got married, Joe." I replied that "Because I am handsome, it is very easy to find a nice girl out!" I was born in Japan, and I have viited the entire Japan. I've just got tired of Japanese female birds, so I decided to travel abroad.
At first, I arrived in France in 3 weeks. There are many nice cute birds, so I tried to pick them up as soon as I got there. But, it didn't work. Because I didn't know the language. So, I left France.
Secondly, I visited UK so that I can comunicate with other birds. I tried many many times. But, there was a tragedy. One walking man tried to catch and eat me. I cried out " It's not thanksgiving day and I am not a TURKEY!" I thought UK is dangerous. So, I left the UK.
The next country I went to Switzerland. As you know, of course I couldn't make myself understood there. So I left Switzerland.
Then, I was shocked at the incidents which I experienced. On the way back to Japan, I called on Russia and I realized how Japanse females are nice. So, I hurried to get back.
Now,I live in Hawaii. I got married to a Japanese female bird and have 3 children. But, we are still setlling to learn how the world is big and great.

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flickr photo credits: (1) dwtno (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) Serenae (5) Intrepid Flame

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