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This is a stretch, because I had already had this idea going in. Oh well.

Craig awoke startled, to the sound of the whistle. It was time for work. He jumped of the cot and slid into the worker's jumpsuit that was issued to him. This kind of work is hard, but most everybody in the New North (U.S.A. and Canada combined) has to do it.
"In 2087," he remembered when he was picked to work at this factory, "the water had become corrupt. This new "black water" had spouted from the ocean floor and has taken over all of the seas! Even fresh springs were no match for the black water." After all, that is why we have to work, to pump the water out of the black water.
It's still a struggle though, most of the water goes to the plants, without them there would be no oxygen or atmosphere. It had just turned 2214 two months ago. This year we had got a new president. (in this time ithey are more rulers than presidents.) he said things like "everything will change, blah blah blah." Everyone thought he was just the same as the past presidents. That was until he gave his speech:
"It is time for us to leave."

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