Five Card Story: Cross The Stream Not the Streams

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a Five Card Flickr story by CogDog created May 17 2014, 04:29:38 pm. Create a new one!

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Eric's day was like every other. Streams of information, email, tweets, status message, reports to be completed. Paperwork. Electronic paper work. He diligently avoided stream crossing, and completing his RP-52 reports on time. He did as he should do, for what else is one supposed to do? Society fails if we improperly cross streams.

Until the Three Minstrels showed up in District G.

Who were they? Did they do anything but sing? Eric could not avoid the cacophony, the laughter. It was so... crossed. Unorganized. It awoke the coyote spirits, the howls causing Eric more consternation.

It made him leave his cubicle.

It made him leave is assigned geofence.

It led him to a cafe, where they served way too much fries and fish. It was all, so... unstructured. His thought streams became static filled.

While gazing out the window at the hippie bear parade, a note was left on a table. An address. A smilie.

He crossed the stream of certainty. Eric opened the door, and laid down with the Dogs of Lacking Purpose.

And he found not an explosion or a disruption of everything known. It was just... bliss.

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