Five Card Story: Little Daisy's Adventurous Day

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This story begins with a little brown cow named Daisy. Like other cows, Daisy loved to eat lush grass a lot and "moo." One warm spring morning, Daisy decided to crawl under Farmer John's fence and go for an adventurous walk in the nearby green forest. This was her first time being alone so her nerves caused her to run right into a huge tree. Daisy shook her head dizzily, then continued walking up a steep path. Suddenly, the brown cow heard an unfamiliar nose that did not sound like a cow or Farmer John. She casually turned her head to the left, and saw a big brown animal with four legs, a tail, and an odd piece of leather on its back. Daisy was bewildered, but slowly walked up to the animal and said, "Hello..I'm Daisy. What are you?" The brown animal shook her head and replied, "Hello Daisy. I'm a horse called Ginger Snaps." Daisy's brown eyes glistened in the bright sun as she said, "I've never met a horse before! What is that odd thing on your back, Ginger Snaps?" The horse looked at her and snorted, "That is my saddle, little one. My owner Terra uses it to ride on my back and explore the wooded trails for flowers." Daisy sputtered, "Wow, that is cool! I am glad I met you today, but I must return to my pasture before Farmer John gets worried. Are we friends now?" Ginger Snaps nickered to the cow, "Yes, we are friends now. See you again, I hope!"

On the way home, Daisy almost ran over the most beautiful purple flowers she had ever seen before and started mooing as she walked. Indeed, she was the happiest little cow in the world that spring day.

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