Five Card Story: From the deep Desert to Las Vegas

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So I have a friend, and he set out on a mission. His goal was to be randomly dropped off in the middle of the Desert with one simple goal in mind. To fullfill his lifelong dream of living in Vegas. As it turns out, this was not going to be an easy task. Along the way, Ritchie stumbled into a city council meeting somewhere in the desert. As he was thirsty and hungry, Ritchie decided to stick around for a little while. After about 45 minutes, Ritchie got a little bored and decided to continue his journey. As he was leaving this small town, he walked by a church that looked very familiar to him. As Ritchie had never been to this town, this really confused him. As he continued his walk, it all came back to him. Ritchie had dreamed about this church the night before. His dream consisted of Aliens and Anacondas climbing up the bell tower. Weird he thought. Anyway, about 6 hours later, Ritchie arrived at his destination. Sin City as some would call it. Ritchie felt at home, felt he was finally where he always wanted to be. As Ritchie was about to press his luck at a slot machine, he realized his wallet was missing. Uh oh, Ritchie had $500,000 cash in his wallet. He tried to think about how this could happen, and then he remembered. Some dude wanted Ritchie to take a picture of him and some statue. Ritchie obliged, but in the process, this guy must have snagged his wallet. As Ritchie was about to walk out of the casino to hunt down the wallet thief, he saw this large man, dressed in an alien costume walking towards him. As Ritchie was pretty irked by now he said to the alien, "what the hell do you want". The alien replied, "I think you may want this," and handed him his wallet. Not a cent missing, Ritchie fainted and ended up living out his dream.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) DavidDMuir (5) bionicteaching

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