Five Card Story: Territory

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Waiting outside Charlie's work parking garage, I catch a glimpse of myself in a reflected car window and oh my, those are fine sneakers if I do say so myself, I've zipped up my jacket just so, and maybe that was silly, and also maybe I should have brought a proper bag of stuff with me. I don't usually succumb to impulses like this. But when Charles shows up and I hoist myself up into the passenger seat of his Highlander and we zoom out of the city and up twisty roads all the way to his very normal house with a spectacular backdrop of mountains, I laugh at myself a little. It'll be fine, I tell myself.

The strange...monument in his back yard gives me a little pause, though. Behind it the woods look sinister, there's a creepy vibe. Goosebumps, you know? Something just feels wrong.

What was here before those houses? Who's buried under there? I'm a city dude with a science education but my Grandma's no fool and she'd know something here was wrong. I'm out of my depth. I don't know bugger-all about suburban life, about mountains, about ghosts. I think Charlie's probably all right but I have to confess deep down, he's not the type of guy I can read.

Okay, all you horror-story fans, I'm going to let you down here; nothing horrible happened. You porn fans, nothing of interest to you happened either. Charlie was disappointed, but he took me back to the city the next morning.

And that's where a guy like me belongs, that's where I'm safe: walking down the sidewalk in a hoodie, whistling; joshing around with the guys at the barbershop; a world of bricks and petrichor, which is what they call that rain on the pavement smell.

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