Five Card Story: The Apple Affliction

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The interview would not go well.

It didn't matter that he was fully qualified or that the company was highly ranked, Ian knew this would not go any farther. If he was even alive afterwards to decline their job offer.

Maybe it was the full moon still lingering high in the sky. Or maybe it was the strange lawn art, decorating the front entrance. (Were those rabbits frolicking? Or maybe when they were that size they were hares?)

Ian shook his head, carefully avoiding the Apple computers. No, that was it. Or them, that is. The computers. How could he actually interview with them in the room? Didn't this company know Apple allergies were on the rise?

These weren't just run-of-the-mill-take-an-Allegra-you'll-be-fine allergies. People were dying. Whole towns had already fallen victim, prompting officials to resurrect the universal sign of DO NOT ENGAGE--a skull and crossbones.

Experts remained baffled. That in and of itself made the the pandemic even more terrifying. Allergy doctors knew how to treat normal allergies: pollen, grass, dairy, bees. How could anyone anticipate that one day a man would walk into a clinic saying he might possibly be allergic to ALL Apple products and could they cure the vicious rash that spread from his right ear to the tips of his fingers?

Ian squared his shoulders and dug into his pocket for the package his sister had given him earlier that day. She said it was mix of different plants growing from apple trees. He didn't really believe it would help, but he was willing to try anything at this point.

What else could he do?

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