Five Card Story: Fall

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Today everybody is going on a field trip. They went to the hockey game first at the stadium. Mr. Cat is going to play hockey and he is going to score a goal. The others are going to cheer for Mr. Cat. After he played hockey they went to go outside and they saw a red leaf. Mr. Cat puts the leaf in his pocket. Willa Jean is excited to go on the train ride. Mr. Cat brought a cup with him today. Everybody tried some of his chocolate milk. Willa Jean also tried some chocolate milk.Now they are going on the train ride. The path almost looks like the road. Mrs. Core sat next to her. Mr. Cat sat next to Ms. Sparkle. They went on the Ghost train. They even heard of a story called "Silver Soldier Deviant Art." In that story the cartoon wear different costumes from the show they were in. They all enjoyed seeing the cartoon. She wore an Egyptian costume. Willa Jean said that this cartoon looks like her. Mr. Cat found the mission that the leaf belongs to the cartoon. The cartoon thanked them for the leaf. The leaf goes with her costume. So she glued it back on to her dress. Now the cartoon is all ready for the show. They even saw an ice rink on their way. The cartoon went skating on the ice rink. She did figure eights when she went skating. She even invited them to go skating with her. They all did figure eights when they went skating. They also played hockey when they went skating. After they went back to the train she gave them each an ice cream. The cartoon was eating an ice cream with a cube on top of it. Mrs.Core got a chocolate ice cream. Willa Jean also got a chocolate one. Ms. Sparkle got a cookie dough. Mr. Cat got a bubblegum. The cartoon got a icicle ice cream. The flavor of hers was dark chocolate. It was fun going on the ice rink. After they had ice cream the train went moving again. They even saw a hill on their way. After they went on the train they went off because the ride was over and they went up the hill. Ms. Sparkle gave them a snack each. Willa Jean ate chicken and rice. Ms. Sparkle ate some peanuts. Mrs. Core ate cheese and crackers. Mr. Cat ate vector cereal. They enjoyed eating their snacks. They went back to the car after snack time. The car will follow the road and it will pay attention. Ms. Sparkle was driving the car. The type of car she drove was a Fiat. Everybody went to Rogers Arena after they went on the ride. It was a fun ride.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) Larry Johnson

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