Five Card Story: Ms. Petunias Perfect Pirate Parade

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Ms. Petunia was known for having some of the craziest classes in the school. She had many wonderful kids each with incredible imaginations. She celebrated each and every one of her kids imaginations by letting everyone have one day where they could decide what they wanted to do.

One day, Sam wanted to be a pirate. She asked Ms. Petunia if she could lead the whole class on a pirate adventure. Of course, Ms. Petunia said "YES! That's a great idea".

So all of Ms. Petunias' class, lead by Sam went to the dock to get on a pirate boat. Of course, if they were going to be pirates, they need to put on uniforms. They found large coats with symbols so they all had different roles as a pirate. They found great hats to protect them from the harsh ocean breeze.

Once they were dressed they began their pirate adventure and Ms. Petunia watched her class play on the pirate ship and have a good time. Ms. Petunia only had one real rule when her kids played, "Use caution"; after all, she wanted to have more adventure with all her students.

Sam decided that she was going to be in charge of getting food for the ship. She decided to try to fish for food while on the pirate ship. She cast her rod out into the water and on her very first cast got a bite. She fought for 3 minutes and she pulled up a scary looking horseshoe crab. She asked MS. Petunia to help her return the crab to the water.

After an hour, it was time to go home. The students put away their uniforms and hats and walked back to school, talking about pirates the whole way home.

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