Five Card Story: Scavenger

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The leaves rustled under my bare feet, caked in mud. The light of the sun bathed down on me as I strolled through the abandoned jungle. Giant coconut trees hovered above my head, giving me some form of shade. My mind has been whirling for hours, trying to find the solution to escape the island. However, I just found myself in a whirling labyrinth, almost impossible to find a way out. I kicked a few stones along as I made up a small hill, the rocks underneath me stabbed my feet, feeling like nails were going through them. By this point, I was used to it, considering that I have stepped on a couple angry snakes a couple of times.
As I made my way up the hill, I saw dark black beady eyes lurking me in the shadows. My stomach instantly tied din a knot. It could be anything- a tiger, a cheetah... but something possessed me inside to keep going. I hesitantly took another step, followed by another, and another. Before I knew it, the unknown being was within eyesight of me- a giant leopard. It sat sprawled out, legs stretched outwards, glaring right at me. My throat tightened, and my breaths became quicker and heavier. I sat motionless, refusing to move. I watched the leopard slowly rise, and approached me with casualty. I heard some soft growls escape the beast's wide mouth. Before I knew it, the giant cat was face to face with me. It's fluffy fur rustled in the wind, and its dark brown eyes pierced back into mine. As if looking into my soul. My muscles tightened- knowing this was absolutely it.
Just as I was starting to say my prayers, I felt a nudge at my leg. Soft fur glided across my bare leg. Shocked and confused, I pealed open my eyes and darted them to my leg. The big wild cat was rubbing itself against me, as if I were it's long lost friend. I smiled, looking down at the big pussy cat. It's purrs vibrated through my body, giving me a sense of security.
I was startled by a sudden croak coming from the dirt below. My eyes casted to the floor, a midget tree frog with bulging black eyes stared right back at me. Fascinated, I picked the delicate creature up, cradling it in hands. Undisturbed by my presence, the little reptile climbed up my fist and onto my index finger, gazing up at the trees above us. After a few seconds after it leaped off my hand, I felt something cold slither across my foot. I glanced down, a small river snake with leathery skin weaved in and out of my toes. I reached down, and slipped it gently into my dirt infested hands. It slithered around confusingly for a few seconds, then slipped out its black tongue at me. I glanced up in the trees, rested on a high branch, sat a bizarre green monster- a iguana. It's intrigue green scales aligned its skin, and its sharp spikes a lined its back. It glared back at me for a few seconds, and continued on munching its evening meal. As I glanced down at the snake still wandering in my hand I grinned in response. Maybe the wilderness wasn't so bad at all.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Danny Nicholson (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) bionicteaching

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