Five Card Story: Never Grow Up

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There was a small child, one a lot like we once all were. She played in the mud and leaves even though her mother and father told her not to and just like all of us, she ruined those brand new jeans mom had just bought her. Over time she matured and grew to listen to whatever she was told. All adults adored her for the manners she displayed and how neatly she carried herself. When she finally graduated school, her GPA was a 4.86. She'd won numerous pageants from a combination of her beauty, her intelligence, and charm. No one could have been anymore perfect than she.
The girl's life was one that many prayed for, especially since she had a full ride to any university she wanted to go to. Then the night of graduation something flipped in her. Something told her to go to the attic and open the box she'd always been forbidden to open. She did so and it seemed almost as if she were meant to open it when her small hand fit perfectly into an opening on the side of the box to unlatch it.
Inside the box there were multiple pictures of her with an unfamiliar woman. The mystery lady looked so much like the girl that she came close to fainting. On the back of one picture it read, "Dear Maleah, know that mommy will always love you. Never grow up." Underneath all of the pictures, there was a locket with their pictures in it and a few other pieces of jewelry. Under that was an amount of cash that was too much for her to even guess.
Anger filled Maleah and she gathered the box. She ran down the stairs leading from the attic and to her room. In five minutes, most of her wardrobe was packed and she was on her way out of the house. Her fake parents chased after her to see what was wrong but all they got were tear-filled slanders and the loss of the girl they'd killed the mother of.
The now confused and lost daughter ran to her car and drove where her heart pulled her... the airport. As she parked, she glanced over to the curb where two cats cuddled. It only added insult to injury to see the cats have a love that now, not even she had. Tears streaming down her face, she bought the first ticket to Rome. There might as well be some use put to the money. She kept thinking of the words, "Never grow up" and she liberated herself. Upon boarding the plane, she planned on never returning. It's time to be childish and do something out of emotion. Bye America.

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