Five Card Story: Wasted Youth.

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I walk by looking at the tainted city through my hazy eyes. The high is intense and I barely can keep myself up. Dylan and Lex and can't help me either, they're layed against the cement, drowned in their drunken paradise with traces of white lightening on their noses. They'll be ok. We are the kids your parents warned you not to hang out with. We are those kids who never made it to 2nd period because one of us had drugs and at the time tripping out to jmi hendrix music on acid seemed a lot better than learning about the civil war. The only war we knew was the war in our minds. The constant battle between our high minds and conciousness. Dawn broke and we only made it down to the main streets of our city, we are all up and walking but still below the influence.. who are we kidding? we are the influence. We made it to the corner where our dealer usually is, by the pole plastered with band gigs and missing persons signs. It made me think.. is 14 year old Charliene Wittaker less important than The Tainted Sins opening night? Why plaster over her face like she doesn't matter? My mind returns to see Lex leaned up against the pole puking out her entire being and Dylan like any good boyfriend was holding her hair. I came up to our dealer and got our usual hits of acid, cocaine and heroin. For us to only be 16, 17 and 17 we sure do know our way around, drugs were nothing to us. We are the wasted youth, the kids they gave up on, we are the kids they said were never going amount to anything and we took all of our added up frusterations and spent it all on ways to lift our spirits and minds.. No one told us about the lows of crashing face first back to reality. Even then we kept on, we kept doing lines and telling lies. I pulled out my last $100 and gave it to him knowing that I have no food in me, I puked it up on the bridge. We took off to the old cemetary railings, little arches and gates, nicely lined up just like the drugs we were about to intake. "Dylan do you still have that bottle of jack?" asked Lex with her eyes halfway open and pale hands out. Lex is only 16 years old, broken home but with a nice 3.2 GPA that's plumiting into the ground like her life. Her mom died just days ago, she didn't shed a tear but she opened bottles. More and more drinks and more and more lines. She covered up her sadness with intense highs. Dylan just watches as she goes into oblivian and he hold her hand all the way down. "Yeah babe, here" he handed a half empty bottle of Jack and down the hatch it does. He fell in love with her littlest sins, and wrapped himself around her ever since. I on the other hand was sitting on the railings, still high and thinking of my dad.. "You no good, ungrateful failure! You're just like your mother.. a damn mess! You will always be scum!" those words stuck to me. Over and over they played in my head, fueling the fire in my mind only alcohol and pills can tame. I got their lines ready and I stuck 2 acid tabs on my tounge and swallowed an oxy down behind it. I watched them as they sniffed. Our highs all hit simultanously, Lex's nose bled, she did too much but she didn't care. "I don't have a mom so what's the point? maybe if I do enough of this i'll die too" she said sarcastically laughing. "Ok you've had enough" Dylan said. He took the twenty dollar bill from her and finished the rest. "Want these last 2 lines?" dylan offered me, his hands shaking and pupils the size of baby worlds. "Sure, why not?" I sniffed em up and pure ecstacy filled my eyes. "God, I love this feeling" Lex said as she climed up on the arched railings and held her arms out as if she were a bird.. "If I only I can fly away from this hell hole" She dangled forward over the railings. Dylan gazed in amazment, he loved her, he loved everything. From her white blonde hair to her chipped black fingernails. "Hey dylan wanna shoot this up now or later?" I asked holding up the little baggie of heroin.. "Later dude" he said.. "I'm pretty wrecked right now" . We all just got up and walked some more till we reached the grand library down town. I stared up at the top of the building. I gazed at the work of art the show cased as the top of the building. It made me think of the only thing we all were good at. Art, we were all artist. Amazing ones, not to brag or anything. I can draw, Dylan can paint and Lex hasa voice like baby bird who swallowed a harp. It was beautiful. No one would ever give us the time of day though. Wasted youth can never make a comeback to society. "Let's leave this crap town guys, just us 3, right now" said Lex half out of her mind but making so much sense. "Yeah, lets leave! There's nothing here for us anymore" said Dylan "Your dad hates you Reid, Lex's mom is dead and I don't have anybody.. so what's holding us here?" Dylan said I looked at my friends and said "Screw it, let's go!" We've been planning this for months and months but a little liquid courage and a couple lines of coke can sure do it. We took off and got a cab we rode down the tree filled high way, hazy roads and high hopes were the only thing we can see. Even though we are wasted youth we are also people too, but sometimes the places we surround ourselves in isn't ment for us or you.

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