Five Card Story: Drunken Man

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One day, the man wakes up. He is running late and knows it will be a very busy day at the office and he cannot afford to be late. He is racing around trying to get ready. He grabs his keys and runs out the door. He hops in his vehicle and rounds the corner. He is stopped abruptly to road work. He didn't have time to wait so he turns around and goes home.

He grabs his bike. He knows that it won't be as quick as driving but he can avoid road construction. He is peddling as fast as he can, but being he isn't in athletic clothes his pants rip. He was supposed to give a speech for his promotion today. How is he supposed to give a speech when he looks this terrible. On top of that, he drove through a mud puddle causing his to become filthy.

He arrives to work 20 minutes late. His boss tells him he will not be getting the promotion. As he walks back to his office he thinks about his younger years of when he was an alcoholic. He thinks how stress relieving it would be to just have another taste of alcohol. It couldn't hurt much could it. Then he remembered all the years of dedication he put it to remain sober. One bad day couldn't wreck it could it? Its not like he had gotten fired, or his crush told him that he was gross. So he continued working.

Around noon, he got the courage to ask his crush out for lunch, who was also his boss. She turned to him and said that it broke the work code she made this morning. He said he didn't know anything about it and then remembered as he walked in late a staff meeting was just getting out. She told him due to his lack of professionalism he was fired. He packed up and walked out. As he walked past a dumpster he tossed everything. He couldn't carry it with him on his bike. He bike directly to the bar and got drunk. His life was over he thought.

At 2 in the morning, the bartender quit serving him. He didn't want to leave. He argued asking for one more drink. The bartender had to forcibly remove him tossing him into the back ally. He stumbled to his feet and headed home. He didn't know what to do, he had no job and had just wreck his 10 years of being sober. Just then, in the dark ally he met a genie. The genie offered him one wish. He wished to start his day over. He made the mistake of saying start over instead of redoing it. He then had to go through that day over and over again for the rest of his life.

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