Five Card Story: Missing Mo.

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He knocked gently and waited for the clicking commotion that commonly occurred as she would proceed to unlock the door for him, and felt perplexed when silence was the only reply. Stuffing his left hand in his pocket, he rummaged about anxiously until the spare key to her apartment slipped through his fingers.
“Hello? Mo?” He muttered, barely audible over the frisky autumn breeze. He peered to his left, where the longest window was located. Her open blinds revealed the living room, where tattered furniture was settled in front of a beaten television set.. Finally, he decided to comply with his conscience and unlock the door for himself.
Muddy footprints were scattered in various locations across her hallway floor, tracing to the kitchen. He inhaled deeply before following them, reiterating her name with every step. The island that rested directly in the center of her kitchen was hardly recognizable. Utensils and cookbooks were scattered across every open location, resulting in an uncanny mess.
While Mo was notorious for collecting spare knick knacks, this was slightly peculiar. Her kitchen possessed much importance to her, as she aspired to become a renown culinary artist. She kept it looking impeccable regardless of the circumstances. The rest of her apartment, on the other hand, looked just as it had the day she moved in. Boxes were littered where they had been two years prior. It was a cringeworthy spectacle to behold, but he couldn’t convince her to tidy it.
A tree branch brushed against the window, tapping lightly. Something appeared to be trapped within the branches, but he couldn’t make out what the object was. Perhaps it was a balloon? Her neighbors had hosted their child’s birthday party the day before, and Mo hadn’t taken the abundance of rambunctious visitors lightly, nor was she especially fond of the vehicles that had swarmed her street. Mo fancied silence.
Finally, he continued through her apartment to the bedroom, where Mo attempted to rest after experimenting in her kitchen. She couldn’t have been asleep, could she? Mo was an insomniac to an extent. On her unmade bed, an open book rested. He glanced at it suspiciously before inspecting the text. “Robespierre”. It sounded vaguely familiar to the book she had discussed on their last coffee date. Mo made frequent trips to the library before breakfast.
He flipped to page one and read intently, his attention coveted by the tiny print that meticulously coated each page.
“You were sure to save my page, weren’t you?” He dropped the book immediately, gasping at the figure standing before him. Where had Mo disappeared to? She rarely left her home on afternoons. Mo snickered, running her hand through her tangled blonde hair.
“Where have you--” He was interrupted before he could finish.
“I carried out your one request. Sorry if it’s slightly belated,” She winked as she pulled a large box from the hallway into the bedroom. “Ta-da! It’s a vacuum, see? Now, who's ready to clean?”

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