Five Card Story: The Architectural Experience

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I visited Europe for the Summer and was amazed at the early architecture they had to offer. I visited this cathedral first. I was very amazed with the verticality, the roof design and the amount windows that brought so much light into building. It was quite perplexing since the area surrounding this marvel was a mostly wooded area that wasn't that well lit. It truly must've been a place of God. I figured the people who built the place were very devoted since I had heard that most places of worship were built away from civilization. It was then that I understood why I had to travel miles deep into the forest to get there. Unfortunately, the next stop was also a long trek back to through the forest to another cathedral but this time in the city. This one was so tall and castle-like, I was so amazed. The entrance had that tri-arch to symbolize the holy trinity as my ARC 111 instructor told us. As amazing as this was, I found it strange that a cemetery was in close proximity. This cemetery was very intriguing in terms of the design of the tombstones. There were arches marking sections of gravesites. It sort of reminded me of the tombstone arch I saw back home of confederate troops. Towards the end of the area that arch identified, I found one particular grave marker that was quite interesting. It was simplistic, yet elaborate in design. It sort of reminded me of the Greek orders I had learned about in doing a research paper back in high school. I had to guess Doric due to the thickness and simplicity of the column combined with the elaborate top and base. Unfortunately, the hour grew late, so I had to depart for my flight in the morning. Overall, the trip was quite the learning experience.

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