Five Card Story: Photographer's life

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My life as a photographer was subtle and undemanding. I traveled around the world to take pictures of what interested me, who could as for more, right? If I had only known at the time, that becoming a photographer wasn't about making a name for yourself, but for seeing the smaller beauties in life. For picking and choosing the tiny seconds in time that i wanted to capture.
My journey started when I was around 24, living in Maine and taking classes on computer science. I would venture out to the shores of Harpswell before the crack of dawn to take pictures of the colors in the sky. From there, Boston interested me with the ordinary people you would see walking by you. It's obvious they all have stories, but you don't know it until you talk to them. Although, I never did talk to anyone in Boston. They were all too busy.
I started to recognize architecture and buildings, then the small victories of nature: Broken sticks covered in moss, and dampened by the rain, or maybe a dew covered windshield before work. Each picture I take tells a story, either something simple or something with bursting colors and hopeful wishes.

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