Five Card Story: Blind Patricia Goes on an Adventure

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Once upon a time there was a girl named Patricia. She was ten years old and about four foot six. She lived in a mansion in Moorsville, North Carolina. She had three brothers, Jeremiah, Jaxson, and Jason, they were triplets. She also had a sister, Samantha. Her dad, Bobert, was a doctor, and her mom, Angela, was a lawyer.
One day Patricia was sitting by the lake in their backyard, she saw a turtle so she grabbed a net and caught the turtle. The turtle jumped up from the net, grabbed her glasses, and ran away with them. She started chasing the turtle and found herself in her brother, Jaxson's blue convertable. She didnt know where she was so she pressed the pedal and drove into a resturant. She saw her dad there and told him what happened. He got into Jaxson's car and drove off without her. Patricia got a call two minutes later saying that her dad was in the hospital because he swallowed a bug that was in his food. She started running to the hospital when she saw something on the fence that surrounds the forrest by her house. The thing she saw was her glasses. she picked them up and put them on. She then realized that her dad was still in the hospital and that she was at the other side of the small town. She starrted running towards thye hospital when she was hit by a car. The car drove off and left her there. 15 minutes later she died.
The End.

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