Five Card Story: Fairies in the forest: Edward and Tinkerbell

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Once upon a time there was a couple who ran a nice shop in the country where you could buy just about anything.
But they had a problem. Ever since their son, Edward, heard the story of Peter Pan, he just wanted to visit fairy land and he pestered his parents night and day. One day a traveller came to the shop and heard the couple discussing what to do about Edward's obsession with fairies and Tinkerbell. The traveller told the parents that he had seen Tinkerbell in the big city where he had come from, and he remarked ,”Those who seek will always find”.
Edward heard the conversation and he secretly packed his school bag with clothes and food and ran away to the city. The city was awful, dirty and loud and Edward wished he could go home. He went the wrong way and ended up in a large forest where the trees had all died from pollution and Ted sat down and he cried. He remembered how his father had scoffed at the story of Peter Pan, and suddenly he wondered if he should have believed his father and forgotten about Tinkerbell.
Then he heard a voice and he looked up and saw a smiling woman who looked like she had stepped straight out of a fairy tale herself. She asked Ted why he was crying, and Ted told her that he had gotten lost while searching for fairies. The old woman took his hand and asked him where he lived and she guided him out of the forest and drove him in her horse and cart back to where he lived. When she saw the big old house, she sighed and smiled and said, 'Goodness, I used to live in a house just like this one when I was a little girl! I used to explore the woods behind the house and I often saw fairies there. You have to be very quiet and go when it is neither night nor day, but just in between. You should look at home. Often our dreams are right under our noses and we are just looking too far away".
Edward never ran away again, and he spent a long time in the woods at dawn and at dusk, and when he grew up he went to university and became a world expert on crepusculoar insects, who fly on tiny wings just when the light is changing. And he was a happy man who cared for his parents till they passed away, just as Tinkerbell had taken care of Peter and the lost boys.

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