Five Card Story: Living with no family.

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Being an orphan is not exactly perfect. It's hard work feeling like no loves or cares for you. In the mornings everyone gets to clean at 7:05 I get up to do my dishes while the younger girls make their beds. I was only four years old when my mother gave me up because she did not love me she said that I took to much of her time. My birthday is in a few days I will be 12 years old not to be selfish or anything I hope or get a perfect present maybe even like a family. I really wish that I could try getting hold of my mother but we can not have any phones. Every day we get the same thing to eat I miss my moms homemade cooking. We eat sandwiches with starwberrys sometimes I don't eat the starwberrys because they molded. My farther was in the army I never met him I hope that he stiller remembers that he has a daughter so maybe one day when I get out of here I can meet him. A few day later I woke with a smile on my face hoping that something wonderful was going to happen. Suddenly I saw this lady and her husband walking in for interview they picked me I was so existed thinking that they could be my new family. They did they did it they picked me! After that they had a big nice room for already perfectly decorated for me. But I started fill like I need to do something it was to meet my dad I know that I wouldn't live with him or anything but I just wanted to meet a little part of my family. I told Ross and Angie and they said that we could do some researching on the internet we found him Angie was reading the paragraphs it said about him. She sadly nearly crying said that he had died three years ago from a bombing. I started to cry till I fell asleep in my room. The next day I was just thankful enough to be able to have these people.

The end.

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