Five Card Story: flower shop/worst day of my life.

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today is 2014~11~27 it is my anniversary so I went and bought flower for my wife. when I was in the flower shop I found the perfect bundle of lily's. good thing to because she loves lily's. once I bought them I went out to my car and started it. on the way home I saw a snake on the road and it was eating something. I thought about if I should get the snake off the road so that it doesn't get run over. when I hopped out of the truck I saw what it was eating... it was eating a lizard. little did I know that there was another one watching me. the other lizard started attacking me. when that was over I went and bought myself some McDonalds I got a cheese burger and a chocolate milk shake. they were delicious. when I got home I parked in the ally way and waited for my wife to get home so that I could surprise her. when she finally got home I jumped out and yelled surprise and she screamed and ran away. that was the worst day of my whole entire life. the end!!!

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