Five Card Story: Pop Culture

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This is a story about a bug and a bird that are going on an adventure. They are going to Chinatown. That is when they are going to have dinner. For dinner they had chinese rice crackers and they ate salty chinese crackers. For dessert they had a chocolate cake and after that they are going to Rogers Arena. When they went there they were playing hockey and they are going to watch a concert after playing hockey. In hockey they are in two different teams. They are trying to make a goal. The first team was called Icicles like what bird is in and the other team was called Furs like what the bug is in. Everybody started to play hockey. Icicles won the game. Furs were close to winning. Now they are going to a concert. In the concert there was a singer who does the opening for another one. And then the concert started. They even saw some statues that are decorated on the stage. The stage is a shape like an ice cube. They wore a dress and the top was gold and the bottom was blue. They wore high heels that are gold. The bird and the bug enjoyed this concert. Now all of the fans are going to sing with them. All of the fans sang along with them. Some of them get to shook their hand. Everybody danced to the music of what song they were singing. Now everybody is going to take a seat and they are all going to watch them dance to some music. Again they went up and they all sang along with them together. When it was the last song there were streamers and some people get to bring them home. Bird and Bug even get to bring some of them home. Everybody had fun at the concert. They get to meet them. They all had a great time meeting the people who were singing songs in the concert.

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