Five Card Story: A memorable day at the zoo

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Once upon a time in 1998 it was October 31st, Halloween. A group of friends were walking in New York city. At 9 am in the morning they came upon an abandon zoo. The name of the zoo was 'The Best Zoo in NYC'. Jeremiah a friend in the group dared everyone to go inside the zoo and walk around until midnight.
Daniel, Gerald and Kaitlin went in.
"I will wait for you guys at school tomorrow!" Jeremiah screamed then left cackling.
Daniel and Gerald started looking around they found a statue of a man on a horse.
Suddenly Kaitlin screamed "Ah... help me!"
Daniel and Gerald came running towards the scream.
“Ha, ha, ha you felt for it.” Kaitlin said.
“Don’t play tricks Kaitlin” Gerald said.
Out of nowhere a roar came from inside the zoo it was getting louder. They all started running away towards the entrance they were locked in.
“Who could have locked us inside?” they all said.
Wait could it have been Jeremiah they thought.
They saw a Tiger coming towards them they all started to run away and split up.
When the tiger was out of sight they were all lost. The time was 9 PM they had been investigating for a long time. Daniel started heading towards a big clock. Maybe if there is a large bell there I could ring it and my friends would find me, Daniel thought. He started walking towards the clock.
When Daniel got to the clock he found a bell. He then found a wooden stick. With all his strength Daniel got the stick and struck against the bell as hard as he could. A ring blasted around the whole park. What was that? His friends said. I am going to walk towards it maybe Daniel is there both Kaitlin and Gerald thought.
5 minutes later both Kaitlin and Gerald were at the clock. “You guys are here!” Daniel said with relief. “Let’s make a plan.” Daniel said. “Let’s go to the entrance in 2 hours from now then it will be midnight and Jeremiah will be there.” Everyone agreed with the plan. Let’s rest for now. Someone take the watch for 40 minutes then we switch. They did that for 2 hours.
At 12 they all went to the entrance. When they got there the entrance was locked. Suddenly Jeremiah came and unlocked the entrance. How was it Jeremiah asked. Gerald went and punched him. Jeremiah fell on the ground. Jeremiah keeps playing that trick on friends some don’t survive but some do. THE END

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) Danny Nicholson (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) bionicteaching

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