Five Card Story: summers end

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the end of summers always the saddest of times . in the start of summer i remeber being really excited my mother ,teresa long, started planning all these things we would do togther after we broke up from school. she said we would go to disney land and chesington she also added that i could go to the house of horrors the scarriest place on earth. now that i was 14 i was officialy old anoth to enter . of course my poor sister couldnt go though shes only 8. even though she begged and begged mum still said no.
after we broke up from school mum told us she didnt have much money so we couldnt go disney land of chesington but we still had anoth in the bank to go to the house of horrors and another fun resort. when i went to the house of horrors i was so scared and sad and happy. all at once. i was bubbling with all diffrent emotions there was this really sexy guide with dark brown hair and peircing blue eyes who led us to each exibet. the first was a exibet called the death of thousands. some of the staff where dressed up and told us about there deaths during diffrent periods. there was a man in a white blouse and baggy ripped trousers who stated he was effected by the plauge and another women with messy plats wearing a maids dress who stated she was killed for not killing well anoth. the next exibet was dark because the guide turned the lights out. i think we had 2 millie seconds to see what was around us before the guide-called john- switched the lights out. we walked down dark hall ways and each hallway had somthing horroristic or scary about it. once a member of staff grabbed me by the wrist and screamed at me which caused me to fall into a family of 8 and got them screaming too soon evreyone was screaming that day ruled
next we went to a fun fair which was braught togher by the turkish there was lots of diffrent festive rides with turkish paterns all over them. my favroite was one which you sat on and it swung you around into you where screaming for the ride to stop. i won a prize which was some turkish dolly with blonde hair tied back into plats. it also woar a pink frock. it got broke after two days because mallis - my ANNOYING 8 year old sister wanted to play with it and came back with it with the head broken of and a arm twisted backwards. the frock was rowened too. i frue it in a bin down the road witch had a labble on it saving unwanted. lastly we went to the mirrors of hell.
ill never forget that day when my mum took me to a funfair full of mirrors. you didnt know where you were going and sevreal times i got lost. mallis got lost twice and both times she started screamng and crying and lucky anoth we found her because she was making so much noise
bye bye summer

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