Five Card Story: A Peaceful Ending

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On a sunny day, I was working at an assisted living facility. I was making a normal rounds, when I heard shouting. I insistantly ran over to see what was wrong. Come to find out, people were shouting because the seahawks had just scored. I laughed and returned to my rounds. I looked in on a resident that had been fighting the last couple weeks for his life. He wasn’t very old but his body was giving out on him. I have looked after him for weeks to make sure he was comfortable. He was a very kind man and he made my job thrilling. As weeks progressed, he wasn’t getting any better. There were a couple close calls but he pushed right through it. Continuing the day of the seahawks game, he had come back to reality and was smiling and happy as can be. We sat down and watched the end of the seahawks game, they made 2 touchdowns in a row in the last 2 minutes of the game! He shouted in joy. They went into overtime and scored the winning touchdown and won the game! We all shouted in joy!
I returned to make the last of my rounds. I returned an hour later. He had stopped breathing. I immediately called 911. They airlifted him to the hospital in a helicopter. I anxiously awaited the news! An hour later I got a call stating he had passed away.
They had a funeral for him the next day in the church where he grew up. I laid blue and yellow flowers, resembling his high school’s colors on his grave and said my goodbye. I was happy to have met him and been so privileged to be able to care for him.
Later that night, I went home and poured a glass of wine. I went for a walk to look out over the town as the sun was setting. I thought of him and raised my glass. “You will always be remembered, we may have lost you here, but heaven gained an amazing soul.” I felt a hand on my shoulder as I said another goodbye. I knew he was there with me, and I was glad he left this world with a smile of happiness.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) cogdogblog (5) bionicteaching

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