Five Card Story: Guilty

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It was the middle of fall, the bright autumn colors of the leaf’s blur past as I drive downtown for my court date. The busy downtown traffic didn’t help my uneasy nerves. After driving around the government building a couple times I find a parking spot. I step out of my car and hear the crunch of the dry leafs under my feet. I feed the meter and make my way up the stairs trying not to wrinkle my freshly ironed dress pants and shirt. Before entering the building I stopped and turned around, looking at the surrounding buildings I realize this could be my last hour as a free man.
I sat in the court room next to my lawyer. The words “All rise, court is in-session the honorable judge Swanson now presiding” jolt me awake from my day dream. The overwhelming bright lights make me squint as I look to my right and see both my parents sitting next to each other. Both with the look of disappointment on their face. The trial went on and the five pound weight that was in my stomach at the start of the trial has now tripled in weight.

Waiting for the jury to return, I couldn’t help myself but to tear up because I already knew what the verdict was going to be. It was so quiet after the jury walked in you could hear a paperclip hit the ground. My heart was pounding so loud that I was not able to hear what the standing member of the jury was saying. I sat there, trying to read her lips as she said continued to talk. All of a sudden I heard it. “We the jury, find the defendant guilty.”

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