Five Card Story: Typical Day

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I started my typical day, waking up early in the morning while waiting for the coffee to be ready I sat down in my dinning room. I stared with brooding eyes right ahead. As the morning goes on it's a sunny beautiful day I decide to walk out to my backyard lay down and enjoy the heat of the sun hit my face. Forgetting about everything else I get lost in my thoughts and fall asleep under the brown old tree which has no leaves. Therefore the heat of the sun goes right through, as the hours go by the temperature of the heat rises. I wake up feeling that my face is burning. I realize it's late now I ran into the house checked the time and saw I was late for class, got in my car and went to school. As I walked in Mr. Wise's classroom he was standing in front of the class in front of the white board he was teaching the class how to start our assignment having a pained expression which I knew why he does not want us to ever be late. I got seated and got caught up with what he was teaching. We started our assignment we had to lay down our sheets in a circle as we walked around them and checked what everyone wrote as I read someones story I pictured what he wrote about the teddy bear his dad gave him before he past away. That he would hang it on their Christmas tree.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) Choconancy1 (5) Serenae

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