Five Card Story: Meeting Lady Gaga

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It was a very cold winter day. My dog, Golias, was playing around outsider in the snow (eating it, too!), so I went out and played with him for a little while. It was so cold that I froze up!!! I couldn't feel my hands or my feet so I went back inside! I thought that, on a Saturday afternoon, I didn't want to stay in, so I went to the coffee shop, to drink some hot chocolate and read the book I had just started.
Suddenly, I look around and I see a blond woman, with very extravagant clothes, black lipstick and crazy sun glasses... she had also a hugh bow in her hair that caught everyone's attention!!! I looked a little better and it was Lady Gaga!!! I couldn't believe it! Lady Gaga there, in my small cosy hometown! I decided I couldn't miss that opportunity! I had to go there and talk to her! So I did.
I told her that, although people think that she is extravagant and a little creepy, even, I like her songs very much and I think she's a great singer and a wonderful performer! I welcomed her to our village and she told her that she was on vacation and she chose that place because she needed to rest a little bit form her last tour.
I invited her to have dinner with us at my place, which she did! It was a wonderful evening! She is a normal person, like each one of us! The thing with Lady Gaga is that people don’t understand that her extravaganza is all about the image and the show: the character that she's trying to build is based mainly on marketing moves. Inside, and in our everyday lives, she's just like everyone else. True, she also has a very particular sense of style. But she sings wonderfully!
Since that day, we became friends and we talk almost every day! Last week, she invited me to be a part of her show, in Sidney, next month! I said YES, of course! Sidney, here I go!!!

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flickr photo credits: (1) katerha (2) hummingcrow (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) Rachel Smith

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