Five Card Story: The over sized hamster

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flickr photo credits: (1) nixmemita (2) K.Cflick1 (3) cragghia (4) bsosnik (5) thejphys

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Once there was a oversized hamster. He always caused mischief, so his parents disowned him. He wished that wished he could be a human. He had a best friend called bat, on his birthday he said" I wish I could be a human!"

Bat said he brought strawberry cupcakes. hamsters favorite.
They both took a big bite out of it and they gulped the whole thing down.

The next morning when hamster woke up, he went to the bathroom, looked at the mirror and saw human. He ran to bats house, he saw bat as a human. Bat said" I put chemicals in the cupcakes to turn you into a human!
They both explored the worked and lived happily ever after.

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flickr photo credits: (1) nixmemita (2) K.Cflick1 (3) cragghia (4) bsosnik (5) thejphys

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