Five Card Story: The worst day of my life

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I was on a holiday with my parents.
I was having a lot of fun, but that day was my bad luck day. First we got to the beach and I was in the water, but at one moment I felt something was swimming around me. It was a water snake, and as I was wanting to run, I step on it's tail, and it bit me. It wasn't poisonous, but I got scared to dead. Because of all that I got really hungry and my parents and I went to a restaurant. The waiter said that we need to try a meal of the day, because they hardly ever had it and it's delicious. When the meal arrived, I saw it was a lobster. I didn't know that it's so hard, so i bit it strong and i broke my tooth. Because I was feeling very upset, we got back to hotel. I was still hungry so I went to near supermarket. I putt in my basket a lot of things. I didn't looked at prices because i thought i have 20 euros. I got to cash register to pay all the products, but when i needed to pay i opened my wallet, and there was only 2 euros. All the people in line behind me were angry because they had to wait for me. I wanted to go for a walk to get my thoughts together , but it started raining so heavily that I was soaking wet, the only good thing is I didn't got a cold.
After that long day, I just wanted to sleep. When you realize how bad a day can be, you become more happy, on a normal days. I spent the rest of the holiday laughing to that day even it was a worst day of my laugh. Sometimes just a little bit of laugh can make everything better.

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