Five Card Story: Not Today

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Cancer. The Big C. How many people have I watched "fight" this disease and thought to myself: how do they do it; where do they find the courage . I wake up this morning- today it's my turn to fight the big C. How will I do? Will I fall apart or will I be brave?
My family and friends are with me, but I'm the one walking down this "alley" of unknown and no matter how much they want to be there with me or they think they are standing by my side and that I'm not alone;I am alone. It's not their fault it's just reality. There are times in life in which life puts a door between us and our loved ones. It is bolted with a rusty old lock that seems so easy to yank open that our loved ones dismiss it as an obstacle for love, but it keeps them locked out of the journeys intended for one.
The operating room is full of masked heroes running around, so desperate to be sure that I live to see another sunset, so hoping that their training will help me open the drawn shade created by this disease. They privately pray for their hands and their skills to be what I need to out maneuver this disease. Not today they pray. Not her. Not today. Just one more miracle.
As I wake from surgery, I realize that I have joined the ranks of all of those that have gone before me. I just wish I had a map to know where I go from here.

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