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Sunday May 30 was the day, I woke up early hopped in the shower and got ready for church. Mary my wife honked she hated being late for church because all of those snooty old hags would glare as we walked to our seats. After church we would all funnel out the main door feeling rejoiced as some would call it, though to me church was a way to make our selves feel better about the "sins" we had committed. Today was a special day for us though, it was our 10th wedding anniversary and I planed to take her to the place where we had our first date. For our first date I took her for a long gruelling hike I could tell she was thinking "what have I gotten my self in to" but I persuaded her to keep going. As Mary looked out along the horizon her only words were "astounding", it was time to pull out the red and the scrumptious steak I had prepared. After the dinner we took the long walk back to the car and started driving. We stopped at a motel to rest for a few hours, though when the sun came up we were back at it. I was going to take Mary to her favourite beach

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