Five Card Story: Footsteps of time

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My foot is feeling the cold, the water is continuing to wash over it with the movements of the tide. Why does America have to try and own everything, their whole life is about ownership and wanting to buy or steal from less fortunate souls. But I need to relax, just getting out of my office with all my work buddies talking about their own struggles with everyday life is a blessing. I spent most of my time looking at their feet as they wriggled and squirmed them in the centre of the room.
Perhaps when I get home I will complete the fourth novel for the month "Different Seasons". Don't ask me why I am always drawn to death and suspense, it seems to keep my brain on go, trying to figure out "who dunnit". Sometimes I read so much that I regualarly all asleep on the table, dreaming about guns and dark allies and goodies and baddies. I should really start reading light fiction about beautiful coasts and sandy beaches with the tide rolling in and out..

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flickr photo credits: (1) Bookhenge (2) MarkChristiansen8 (3) kkroehl (4) Astro Comfy (5) Blindside47

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