Five Card Story: Camping In The Woods

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The first day of summer me and a couple of Friends were invited to a camp out party in the woods. First I thought it was going to be boring. Than when the bus came it was full with 5 girls that I'm really close with when we got their we set tents and made marshmallows and had fun that night. Than the next day when we woke up we want jogging and to look around the woods.Than we seen a house that's like 2 minutes away from the wood we want inside an old lady was in their she invited us in we told her why we was in the woods. Than she asked if we is hungery. Than she called us in the kitchen she set out the table with pasta and onions And spoons and frocks she asked us if we could help her out cook than we did. We thanked her for the food.Than she told us to follow her to the backyard behind the backyard their was like 5 bikes she told us to get on it and have fun with them. she was a kind lady. The next when was for us to go back the buses came early that day we got on them I had fun and was ready to tell my family about my adventure in the woods. The End

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