Five Card Story: Obeasity in Canada getting worse!

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Coffee consumtion, chocolate bars, and the curse of sitting down. These are combining to give Canadians a very unhealthy way of life. Doctor Habish Newara from the sustainable life foundation told us that "Canada is a fat nation, to much beer, not enough hockey!" The amount of suger in the average diet of a Canadian has risen by 69% since the early 1950's and is set to rise even futher within the next decade. Not enough time outside has been attributed to this decay in Canadians health, along with the amount of sitting in offices at work or in class at school. The city of North Vancouver has introduced a measure to deal with this lack of exersize by giving companies that give employees 'walking bonuses' when they walk or bike to work a tax break. This new measure has lead to the cities population decreasing in waist size by 44% and lowered the cities car emmissions by 14%. Local parks Canada warden John Woods from Jasper National Park told us that "People just need to live, go outside, read a book in the fresh air, go hike a mountain and make the best of life".

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