Five Card Story: Frida Kahlo

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Frida Kahlo was born in Coyocán, Mexico City, Mexico. When she was a young girl she was diagnosed with polio. She had been bed ridden for about 9 mounth. This had caused her right leg to be affected, causeing a limp. Her father invouraged her to go into aports however.To try an build up strength back into her. For education Kahlo went to Nation Preparatory School and was one of the few girls there. While she was attending she had met Diego Rivera (her later to be husband.)
After some time Kahlo had met Alejandro Gomez Aris. They had been in a relationship at the time. While riding a bus together they were hit by a car. The accident had badly injured Kahlo and she had to go to the hopsital.
Durong her recover, after geting out of Red Cross Hospital, Kahlo began to start painting. Later on she decided to join some community groups such as Young Communist League and Mexican Communist Party.
After some time Rivera came back into the picture of her life in 1928. A year after he had came back and start a relationship with Frida they got married.They had moved to many place to get their art "out there." From California to New York. Kahlo and Rivera had some downs to their relatoonship. It is said that Rivera had cheated on Frida, even with her own sister. They seperated for some time after that. To add to it Frida had also suffered her third miscarriage.
After a while Kahlo and Rivera had gotten bacl togwther to help put Leon Trotsky. Trotsky even stayed with them for a while and was said to be cheating with Kahlo.
In 1938 some of Kahlo's paintings had been bought and shown. A few even getting in a magazine.
After a while she moved to Paris where she ended up dovorcing Rivera, but they soon got back togwther, even remarried, in 1940.
Sadly in 1941 Kahlo was in deep pain from her health and lose of her father.
Kahlo often shared her pain in her painting. She had horrible health problems and was even depressed. Her health was bad from 1953 to 1954, but then two months later had to go back from bronchial pneumonia.
Even with these problems in life she tried to stay active on the political side. Even went in with the overthrow of President
A week after Kahlo's birthday, at the age of 47, she had died. There are speculations on weither it was suicide or natural.

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