Five Card Story: The farmer and his moped

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Once there was a farmer called Rick. He lived there with his wife Jen and his two sons Nick and Jonas. Both of the loved to take pictures of architectural buildings and artwork. They always wanted to go into town to take photos. Jen worked at home taking care of all the wonderful animals they had. Today it was JOnase's birthday and his dad wanted to get him something nice but something that was also useful for him. Rick wanted to get a moped for his son so he could stop driving him to the town all the time. The only problem was that Rick id not have the money to buy a new one, so he decided to get a older one. He went to his old friend. He knew he had an old moped laying around somewhere in his barn. He bought the moped for a cheap price and fixed everything up except the breaks which he forgot to do. When Jonas woke up the next day he heard a engine running outside his window. He went to the window and looked out. There was his dad on the old moped. Jonas ran outside and hopped on it. He and his dad went for a ride in the Canyons. They came to a stop sign and saw a car coming. They came closer and closer to the stop sign. The breaks were broken. They went with full speed against the big road. They hit with a crash in the other car.
His birthday was not what he hoped for.

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