Five Card Story: Charlie's Dream

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When Charlie was a little boy he dreamed of being an actor. He liked the idea that he could be anyone and he wouldn't have to choose just one career. He could try them all. He began to go to auditions. He got a role in a T.V. commercial staring as a boy who was competing in a soap box derby. He felt like a star after seeing the commercial on TV so he kept the helmet and wore it everywhere. As Charlie grew older he found less and less opportunities to act in the small town he lived in. He acted in the schools Zombie Apocalypse themed musical, a friends documentary about small town life (although that wasn't really acting) and a couple of other minor productions but nothing like that commercial that he starred in years ago. His parents and teachers started telling him that he needed to pursue a career more realistic. A career in which he could earn a living and have some stability. Nobody understood the feeling he got when he acted, the feeling of happiness and a sense of belonging. As time went on though Charlie began to question if he had actually felt that way or if it had just been something he had imagined to make him feel better. To justify that he was born to be an actor. Charlie ended up falling under the pressure of his parents and decided to give up acting and pursue a "real" career. He moved to a bigger city and studied business. He started working for a very successful bank. He days were spent sitting at a desk working 8-5 everyday. He hated it but he knew that he needed to make some money. One day he was sent to Morocco on a business trip. The city was so alive, it was unlike anything he had ever seen before. As he watched the sun set on the beautiful city he realized just how much he had been missing siting behind a desk all these years. He decided to stop living the life that everyone wanted him to live and instead start living his own. When he got got back home he quit his job and got a twitter account. He started to connect to actors and directors all over the world. He connected with screenwriters, lighting guys, producers, interns, you name it, anyone who would give him advice or a shot at an audition. After many failed auditions he got a part in a small indie film. It may have been small but it was enough to assure him that he hadn't made that feeling up, he was born to be and actor and this was only going to be the beginning for him. And it was.

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