Five Card Story: The Day the World went Black

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a Five Card Flickr story by BlueBird created Jan 06 2016, 04:22:41 pm. Create a new one!

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I opened my eyes, the world was spinning. Slowly.
That's all I remember, before I got out of the trunk, my hands tied, my mouth
duck taped shut. I ran as far as my legs could carry. I came upon a flower, it reminded me of my beach house back in Maine. But I was not in Maine, I could tell that after I looked up. I saw a building. A building that looked as if it was rotting. I ran down the street, cages, lining the houses, as if they were animals.No way in, no way out. Then, after a long walk in the mysterious city sites, I spotted a un-caged building, furs lining the only way to go out. Children, sad children, watching something in the distance. Then I saw it. A city, a very bright city. I ran past the children, the bakers wife and her broom, a blacksmith holding a iron bar. Past the mother of one house, still lined with caging. Past them all, waiting. My legs were starting to give in. Starting to stop. My mind was set on a goal, my heart, was set on home. I needed to get home. I reached a bridge, looking out in the open. Then, my world, went black.

The End

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