Five Card Story: Kaas

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The year is 2034, This weekend i went cycling. I was at my dads house whilst playing call of duty black ops 13 on my Playstation 9. My mom calls me and tells me the news, she got the cheese i realy liked. I didnt know how to react, so i threw my dualshock 9 controller through the window and jumped after it. Witch now that i think about it isnt that smart concidering i live in space. Luckily i was already wearing my space pyamas 9000 with wich i could breath and fly in outer space. I flew to my moms place wich is over at quadrant 7.528374PM. 3.5 lightyears away from were i was, but it didnt matter because my space pyamas 9000 could also travel at 9000 times the speed of light speed. 3 seconds later when i arrived at my moms place. I was just about to go in when my dad phoned me. He said my little brother was in trouble because space pirates captured him and were threatening dad with killing him if he didnt pay ransom money. So thats why he asked me for my help. Now, between you and me, i f**king hate my little brother, so why would i save him i asked myself. So i told dad that i didnt care and that mom had that delicious cheese, he understood and hung up. I went inside and had a sandwich with the cheese.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) Serenae

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