Five Card Story: lagoon Murders

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i couldn't believe that i had come back to this old town. there was so much lost here all the secrets that i kept creeping in the back of my mind they scratched at my brain as if they were in attempt to forcefully make my mouth blurt them. impossible i would never tell what happened even though my heart told me to let the truth soar i had been living with this dread so many years i just didn't know how to let go. the car came to a heaving stop and my heart seemed to dig its way out of my chest as i looked up at the tall red brick building. the windows still the same the paint was fresh it reminded me of how it was when i was younger how the sun use to shine through the gated next-door sunporch onto the what use to be marble wall. i could hear my mother's voice telling us to stay out of the streets and alleyways but we we young and we didn't seem to listen much but on that day i wish i had. i paid the driver and watched as he drove away i picked my bags up just to put them down as i unlocked the door and it swung open spraying grey dust into my eyes i walked in cautiously walking up the creaky stairs that still held the photos of my childhood i paused to peer into the room my mother use to sleep in i saw a picture of me and my two younger brothers i wish they were here to be with me i could picture their laughs and smiling faces that day as we played and i steered off i didn't wanna take them out that day but my mother insisted i remember how much hate i had to my brothers my mother was always putting them above me i remember wondering off into a ongoing parade heading straight for the peer i ended up in the downtown circus and found myself facing the powder faced woman who would change my life forever i followed her into her tent it was filled with dolls and glass globes she asked what can i do for you? i knew she was a gypsy woman i knew she had powers i wanted her to make my family leave me alone we sat talking when she asked do you want them gone forever? i said no and left it was creeping me out not her but the fact that i almost said yes.. my bedroom door creaked as i pushed it open everything was still the same except neater than before our three beds still lined against each other i forced the image away as in unpacked and took a shower when i returned something felt off the house seemed to be colder and the walls closer i ignored my crazy accusations i laid on my back staring at the ceiling eyes wide open before drifting into a deep sleep. “jolie wake up.” “jole.?” “go away mom said to sleep.” i said forcing him away. “but jole.” “go now!!! leave me be.” he continued to try to awaken me but i pushed him just a little too hard as he fell he cried out my mother came racing “jolie!!!!” what did you do i tried to explain what had happened but she was for it she raised her hand and it came down but never made a connection. the sun woke me i was covered in sweat it was so hot in the house. i went down stairs and made myself breakfast with the food the delivery left. there was a orange dragonfly flying around seeming to try to find away out but so was i. “jolie!” i could hear her scream “coming” i said. when i got to the table to eat there was no breakfast my two brothers had eaten it all. “what am i supposed to eat?” find something she said walking away. i hated this family i did but i loved them and never wanted them to be taken away. i finished my breakfast and went to town i returned around 7 and idid my same routine laying in bed until my eyelids saved. “give it back i said!” i yelled “no!” i had no friends except laura she had written me a letter no one understood me but her no one knew how i felt i was alone and she wasn't the only one that was on my side a rae of anger came out as he pulled ripping the letter in half i stared in horror as i pushed him he took a few steps and then he fell tumbling down the stairs his head hitting every way down. “no not my baby!!” my mother cried blood in her hands my brother lay there crying and moping arm displaced. “look what you've done! you're nothing you're just like your father! hateful and spiteful!” my father walked out on us because my mother was having a affair she said that he was never home so he turned and walked out of our lives. mthe doctors came and fixed him up after my mother put him to bed she turned and walked to me eyes bloodshot she smelled of alcohol i knew she couldn't afford another hospital bill we were gonna lose our house i knew it. her footsteps heavy she came after me before i could say anything her hands wrapped around my neck i could feel light headed i fought but couldn't get her off i it her arm allowing me to get free i ran out of the house down the alley i was mad i was angry i ran into the woman i had seen at the festival almost knocking her over “jesus boy where you run from?” she said i was crying so hard i couldn't answer after a few breaths i said “i want them dead!!” “ahhh dead you say why the change of heart you boy?” i thought about all the things they put me through and didn't answer. “are you sure you want me do this?” “yes i said” “so be it she disappeared into thin air and everything was calm i remember getting back home somehow i was calm and over the situation i opened the front door quietly walking up stairs i opened the door to find that my mother had hung my brothers before slicing her own wrist. i fell back in horror and disgust what have i done? the police came and asked me what happened i told them i found them this way i just left out what i had wished for. i woke up out of breath i reminisced on how i was taken to a orphanage in east wake where i grew up i was to old to remain so i was placed out i returned here i had no family and nowhere else to go. i guess i would have to live like this with that secret forever in my mind.

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