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a Five Card Flickr story by Angel Robinson created Mar 04 2016, 07:03:07 pm. Create a new one!

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Me and my sister used to play around outside when the sun set, when we was younger. I remember when we went down to the old country store down the road from our house just to talk to the ol'man we used to call paw. Everyone on our street that went to the old country store called him that. That ol'man would do anything for us kids. He was the politst man, he loved all kids, he loved anybody that came round'. There's this one time he took me and my sister out in the woods one day when it was closin time. We went back in the woods and just walked round, like we was on an adventure. We came up on a branch that must have fell over when we had that store the other night, we looked and looked to see where we could go around it or not, as we looked I noticed something yellow, I said "Paw what's on that branch?", paw said "I don't know it looks yellow and looks like it's moving, we should get closer and see what it is.." As we stepped closer my sister stopped and said "Waiiittt", we turned around and asks why she said wait, my sister paused and said "It looks like a snack and it could be dangerous, let's just turn...." Before she could even finish I was over by the branch getting closer closer and closer... Paw said "Darlin get back before you get hurt " I stepped a little close and saw it was a yellow belly snake. I turned around to tell paw and that snake slithered down that branch and latched onto my leg and I fell to the ground....... Paw said "Come on des lets get your sister to the hospital" next thing I know I'm on the interstate getting rushed to the hospital, then I passed out....... I woke up and saw mom and dad and paw, my sister was no where in the room. I asked paw and said "we're des at?" Paw said "Outside with the other kids", I said can I go see her, ma said "just for a little bit then u gotta come back to bed", I said "okay." As I walked out the front doors I noticed a bunch of kids by the wishing wale. I walked closer, closer, and closer, I spotted my sister. She saw me, she started to walk toward me and put her hand on my back and said "We was praying for you to pull through, you was asleep for 16 hours, we thought......." She paused and looked down with a frown then she looked up and said........ "We thought you wouldn't make it"..... I looked at her and said "I love you, I'm not going anywhere." And we walked back into the hospital and went to my room and I got up on the bed and ask am "can we go home now?" She said "yeah let's go home sweetheart". And we just lived happily ever after, THE END

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